Android Project

Android Project
Android Project

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Seek Bar or Progress Bar or Slide Bar or Slider

This bar will be like this, the name for this bar is seek bar

In the xml file we need to mention like this to call the seek bar



The java class file will be like this


import android.os.Bundle;
import android.widget.SeekBar;
import android.widget.TextView;
import android.widget.SeekBar.OnSeekBarChangeListener;

public class Seek extends Activity {
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
AudioManager audioManager;
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
final TextView reading = (TextView) findViewById(;
SeekBar seekBar = (SeekBar)findViewById(;
seekBar.setOnSeekBarChangeListener(new OnSeekBarChangeListener() {

public void onStopTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {

public void onStartTrackingTouch(SeekBar seekBar) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

public void onProgressChanged(SeekBar seekBar, int progress,
boolean fromUser) {
reading.setText("Processing "+progress+"% ");

The code is fulling checked so you can run the code after downloading it itself.

You can download the full source code

Download source

Have a good day.


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